About Us.

Alaskan Leaf was founded in late 2016 ‐ early 2017 as one of the first recreational marijuana dispensaries in Anchorage.

The founder first discovered the positive effects that medical cannabis had on cancer patients while serving as a caregiver to family and friends in the Anchorage area.

After witnessing first-hand how well people with cancer reacted to treatment with medical marijuana, he wanted to make medicinal marijuana available to people with other medical conditions.

He ultimately established Alaskan Leaf as a vertically-integrated cultivation and locally-owned recreational marijuana dispensary organization, focusing on:

High CBD strains
High Indica strains
Top-quality in-house cannabis strains
CBD and marijuana edibles
CBD and marijuana concentrates
CBD topicals

Today our founder, along with the rest of our team, continues to provide friendly and welcoming service at our shop in Seward.

Some of our most popular strains include:

AK Gorilla
Live Long and Prosper
Moose & Lobsta

In addition to selling the highest quality marijuana and cannabis products at a low price, we’re happy to offer education on all aspects of marijuana. If you’re not sure which strain is the right one for you or which consumption method you should try, stop by our shop and we’ll be happy to guide you to the right cannabis product for your needs.

Check out our menu or stop by our store today!

Alaskan Leaf
1211 W 36th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99503