Strains of Cannabis

With so many strains of cannabis available, the choices may become confusing. For example, you may wonder about the difference between indica and sativa. To further complicate things, some hybrid varieties are also available.

According to Live Science, people have likely cultivated cannabis for at least 12,000 years. This variety of plants probably evolved and was cultivated in Asia and used as medicinal and recreational drugs throughout its history. In addition, related hemp plants were and continue to be used for fibers, fuel, and food.

About Cannabis Sativa
Cannabis Sativa, frequently known as marijuana, is possibly the best-known variety of psychoactive cannabis. It is related to Cannabis sativa L which is the non-psychoactive plant hemp. In Latin, Sativa means “cultivated.”

Leafly describes Sativa plants as tall in stature with skinny leaves. Adult plants may grow between 12 and 25 feet tall. They are also known to have a longer flowering season and thrive in warmer climates. Some consider the resulting high to be stimulating. Some connoisseurs use Sativa in social situations or to stimulate creative thoughts. However, there is some debate among researchers whether there is a clear connection between the strain and effect on the individual.

About Cannabis Indica
Many experts believe that Indica originated in the Indian Hindu Kush mountains. This strain is currently the second best-known. In Latin, Indica means “from India.”

Leafly describes Indica plants as comparatively bushy and shorter with wider leaves. The flowering season is shorter compared to Sativa and this variety tends to thrive in cooler climates. People use Indica to produce hashish.

Some describe the high from Indica as relaxing or sedating. Some connoisseurs use Indica to help them relax or unwind possibly before going to bed. However, be aware that the general belief of how different strains affect the user are primarily based on anecdotal stories and beliefs. Researchers haven’t found the effects consistent and clear cut enough to use on a prescriptive level.

Cannabis Hybrids
Not to complicate things, but some modern strains are hybrids of Indica and Sativa or other cannabis varieties.

Hybrid strains may share features with Sativa, Indica, or other lesser-known types of Cannabis.